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 SMP Treatment Chicago | What To Expect

  1. Each Moxie Allure SMP hair treatment generally requires between four and five hours.

  2. The number of treatments you require will be based on the quantity of scalp that needs to be covered by SMP. For example a little area such as a widow's peak will take a lot less time and treatments than a full scalp treatment. 

  3. SMP treatments that take multiple sessions will be scheduled only a couple of weeks apart.

  4. AVOID STEAM. In the weeks between treatments, do not go swimming, use sauna or steam spots, or take exceptionally hot showers. 

  5. You won't have the ability to wet or wash your own scalp (this includes sweat too ) for 4 days after every appointment. 

  6. Avoid exposing your scalp into sunlight at all costs! Sporting a hat is nice way to avoid the sun, especially for the first week after treatment. 

  7. Always consult with your physician before undergoing SMP. 



Advanced Artist $650 /session


Master Artist $750 /session

*2-5 session needed depending on desired results


Advanced Artist $3000 for 5 sessions


Master Artist $3000 for 5 sessions

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