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Moxie Allure Artists 

Kristin M.
  • @browsbymariah

Mariah G. Advanced Artist

I am SO happy with the way my microblading (brows) turned out! I for sure am a bit of a control freak, but I did my research and found Maria.  She has a ton of her work posted, and I knew she'd do a great job. I was definitely nervous coming in, but Mariah made sure I didn't leave until I had exactly what I envisioned! Fun fact: microblading takes two sessions to get the desired results... so keep and open mind and be patient for beautiful brows!

  • @moxieallure

Kristin, Owner and Master Artist 

Kristin is the best! She was recommended to me by numerous friends who had gotten their eyebrows micro-bladed by her. I have now become a yearly customer of hers! The salon is super cute and very chic. From my consultation to my 3rd year of microblading, Kristin has made me feel nothing but comfortable throughout the process between making sure my brows are nice and numb to taking her time with my measurements to showing me that she is open new and sterile blades. I would highly recommend Kristin as well as her highly trained employees.


I made my appointment with Jazmine and she was awesome to work with. She made sure to educate me on all the do's and don't's on aftercare and I felt super confident that my brows would turn out great based on her knowledge of the craft. She was easy to talk to and friendly too, which made my experience all the more enjoyable.

As for my brows, I absolutely love them. So worth it. I had sparse, spotty, uneven brows before and now I wake up with full, natural looking, EVEN brows and I feel beautiful right when I wake up. Now, if I want to fill them in (I like bold brows when dolling myself up) the process is so much faster and with a few swipes of my brow gel I'm done!


Jazmine R., Master Artist

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