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  1.  Avoid excessive exercise 12-24 hours before your microblading procedure. 

  2.  Don't drink any caffeine or alcohol 24 hours before your procedure. 

  3.  No Niacin, fish oil, prenatal vitamins,  Vitamin E, Asprin, Advil or Ibuprofen 48 hours before your microblading procedure. 

  4.  No brow waxing, tinting, and/or threading one week before your appointment.  

  5.  Do NOT shave your eyebrows prior to Microblading. We WANT you to have your eyebrow hair.

  6.  No Alpha Hydroxy Acid supplements topically applied to the eyebrow area 2 weeks prior. 

  7.  You must stop taking Retin-A 3-4 weeks prior to your microblade procedure. Always consult with your provider before stopping. 

  8.  No chemical Peels, facials (including Hydro facials) 3 weeks before your scheduled micro blading date. 

  9.  Stop all sun tanning or indoor tanning seven days before your appointment


If you have any questions about microblading or permanent makeup being safe for you, ALWAYS consult with your provider before your procedure. 


Is Microblading Safe For Me? 

You're most likely NOT a good candidate for microblading if you have or had any of the following conditions or operations: 


  1. Pregnant or Nursing

  2. A Pacemaker or significant heart issues 

  3. Epilepsy or Epelectic 

  4. Type 1 or 2 Diabetic 

  5. Seborrheic dermatitis 

  6. Skin disturbances or Psoriasis close to the treated zone (rashes, burn from the sun, skin inflammation, and so on.) 

  7. Had an organ relocated in surgery 

  8. Propensity towards keloids 

  9. Viral Disease such as an extreme cough, cold flu.

  10. Had Botox in the previous two months near the eyebrow region 

  11. User of Accutane or have used it in the past year. 

  12. Amazingly Oily, Problematic Skin 

  13. React sedatives (think Lidocaine) 

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