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Microblading Training Chicago

A 3 day, intensive training on all fundamentals of microblading taught by Kristin Mcaffery. Two days being basic training and practice on fake skins and one day being hands on work with live models.


Moxie Allure Microblading Course includes:


  • The study of the skin in relation to tattoo and permanent makeup

  • Sanitation techniques and OSHA standards

  • Correct setup and tear down of work area

  • Brow mapping and eyebrow design

  • Custom stroke pattern creation

  • Knowledge of anesthetics used

  • Color theory in relation to skin tone and pigments

  • Client consultation and contraindications

  • Standards of the profession

  • State of Illinois laws and regulations

  • Safety

  • Marketing and business startup



All courses are three days. Class will meet from 10am-6pm each day. Total clock hours for this course are 50, which is achieved through pre-course work, in class work, and homework. There is no guarantee that these hours can be transferred over or applied to any other courses or schools such as cosmetology, aesthetics or permanent makeup courses offered by other institutions.

What is the Cost For Microblading Training in Chicago?

The total cost for Microblading training in Chicago is $3000, of which, $500 is due at the time of enrollment. The remaining $2500 is then due no later than 7 days before the scheduled class date. A bloodborne pathogens certification is required for work on live models and can be obtained through third-party providers for $30-50.


You can click here to obtain your BBP certification from The American Red cross. Due to the nature of this course and its duration, there are no refunds on tuition paid. All tuition may be transferred to another class date should an unforeseen issue arise.


Student success in this course lies greatly in their own personal physical ability to put forth definite effort and practice of the physical artistic aspect of microblading. Microblading is an art form and therefore does not come naturally to all individuals. Dedicated practice will be needed to succeed in this course and in the permanent makeup industry upon completion of this course.


Certification will only be granted upon completion of all course work, satisfactory work performed on live model and with a passing score on the course final exam. No state board testing is required in this field. All graduates must keep a current bloodborne pathogens certification which must be renewed annually. Also, all graduates must work in a legal facility registered and approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health (if working in the state of Illinois).

*Moxie Allure Co. is an approved by the

Illinois Board of Higher Education,

Division of Business and Vocational Schools


1 N Old State Capitol Plaza

suite 333, Springfield, IL 62701

(217) 782-2551

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