Cryoskin - Weight Loss Service Chicago, IL

The Cryoskin machine does two things: fat freezing which is referred to as CryoSlimming and toning which is called CryoToning.
How does Cryoskin help me lose weight?

The CryoSlimming session uses thermal shock to initiate a sequence called apoptosis (fat cell death). These dead fat cells are then filtered out of your body through your lymphatic system.
During the CryoSlimming session you will experience a localized warming sensation, followed by a subzero massage. The immediate drop in temperature initiates apoptosis once fat cells have cooled to seventeen degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature at which fat cells can no longer sustain themselves. Once this happens the cells will convert to cellular debris and be filtered out by the lymphatic system over the next 15 days.
Some immediate slimming can be seen right after, but optimal, longer lasting results will be seen after 3-5 sessions.
CryoSlimming sessions can only be done once ever 14 days. And, it is important not to consume any sugar or carbs for at least 2 hours before or after slimming sessions.
CryoToning sessions reduce cellulite and tightens using subzero temperatures to tighten, smooth and shape areas lacking elasticity by increasing micro-circulation thus increasing collagen and elastin production. Toning sessions do not use thermal shock, it only uses cold and therefore does not remove any fat cells. Toning sessions can be done once a day, but are recommended just once a week

Areas that can be SLIMMED: stomach, love handles, bra bulge, arms, butt, legs/thighs, hips, calves/ankles & double chin

Areas that can be TONED: face, neck and decolletage area, arms, butt, thighs, hips and stomach.

Cryoskin Pricing


Extended Cryoslimming​ (Legs Stomach Only )

$450 Per Session

Moxie Package Deals

5 Sessions $2000

10 Sessions $3500


*5 sessions guarantees noticeable, longer lasting results


$350 Per Session

Moxie Package Deals

5 Sessions $1500

10 Sessions $2500

*5 fat freezing sessions any any one area guarantees noticeable, longer lasting results.

**10 pack can be used for both freezing & toning sessions


$250 Per Session

Moxie Package Deals

5 Sessions $1000


10 Sessions $1500