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3-D Areola Recronstruction Tattoo

Areola Reconstruction Tattoo Is a service dedicated to breast cancer survivors. The areola is recreated custom to your individual preference with 3D enhancements to mimic natural areola tissue. 

Pre treatment Instructions:

  • Avoid The Following at least 48 prior to your tattoo. Alcohol; aspirin, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. No Vitamin E 

  • Always talk with your provider for a full list of what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT take before 3-D Areola breast tattooing.

** Always ask the provider for a full list of instructions about what you should, and should not do before your appointment**

Post Care Instructions:

  • Don't wash the tattooed region more than twice a day

  • Using mild soap and water

  • Apply antibiotic cream as required and keep the breast area most as needed.

  • Leave the breast area open to airflow as much as possible to ensure proper healing.

  • No picking at scabs or flakes, as this will ruin the coloration of the tattoo.


3-D Areola Breast Reconstruction Tattoo Pricing

Unilateral $1000


Bi-lateral $2000

*2-5 session needed depending on desired results


Color Boost 


Unilateral $400


Bi-lateral $800

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